RequirementsHow to ApplyResponsible PersonProcessing Time
Securing Mayor’s Clearance/Certification
  • Barangay Clearance (photocopy)
  • Police Clearance (photocopy)
  • Official Receipt (Treasurer’s Office)
The client presents the Barangay Clearance, Police Clearance and O.R. as proof of payment to the attending person then wait for the signature of the Mayor and release of the Clearance/Certification being requested Mayor’s Office Staff/Clerk 30 mins

Securing a Special Permit

  • Request and/or Letter of Intent to hold the special activity address to the Municipal Mayor
  • Proof of Payment duly secured from the Office of the Municipal Treasurer
The Client must present necessary requirements and the letter of intent for the Issuance of the Special Permit and the Secretary to the Mayor shall forward the same to the Mayor for consent

Mayor’s Office Staff/Clerk

30 mins
Request for Affidavit
  • Two disinterested witnesses at least 5 years older
    a. Legitimation
    b. Fact of Birth/Gender
    c. Discrepancy/
    Correction of Entry
    d. Late Registration
    e. Supplement Entries
    f. Tax Exemption -Parents should be affiant for Tax exemption
  • Husband and Wife for Article 34
  • Certification from DILG, PB for SK and/or Brgy.
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • -Official Receipt
The client must present the reqquest, provide data and witnesses, show proof of payment from the MTO then wait for the release of the affidavit with the signature of the Municipal Mayor

Mayor’s Office Staff/Clerk

30 mins