Zarraga Agricultural Program (ZAP)


--The Zarraga Agriculture Program is a poverty-eradicating sustainable agriculture program of the town. 

Initially ZAP intends to assist all farmers, including non-organic farmers, to move out of poverty. Ultimately, the town plans to convert its whole agriculture area into organic farms. 

The Zarraga Agriculture Program has twelve (12) components listed below according to its logical, even if sometimes parallel flow, from the perspective of the farmer:

  • Analytical Service (Soil and Plant Analysis)
  • Research and Technology Incubation
  • Demonstration Farm
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Finance
  • Supply Logistics (Organic Seeds and Fertilizers)
  • Irrigation
  • Farm Roads
  • Common Service Facilities
  • Post Harvest Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Trading and Marketing
  • Advocacy

Six of these components belong to the value chain of rice agriculture. They are training and mentoring for organic production, finance, supply logistics, irrigation, post harvest facilities, and trading/marketing.